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Club 1987 brings back the vibes from the discotheques

A lot of music genres were founded in the 80s.
House music, rap, hip hop, new jack swing, hip house and Euro disco became mainstream.

In the clubs and discotheques the DJs played an import role to promote new music.
But the people on the dancefloor decided what was hot or not.

With Club 1987 Dance Events we will bring your senses back to this time with the music, video clips, lighting and other stuff to lit up the dancefloor.

5 APRIL 2024 aanvang 21 uur

Exclusive 80s and 90s
Dance party!

Weet je nog? De nieuwste muziek hoorde je in de discotheek.
Van de eerste house platen naar hiphouse en eurodisco, rap muziek naar new jack swing en hiphop. Artiesten als Doug E Fresh, 2Unlimited, Fast Eddy, SNAP, Technotronic, Heavy D., 2 brothers on the 4th floor en ga zo door. Alles om jouw voeten te laten dansen.

Met alle originele videoclips op groot scherm om helemaal in de sfeer te komen en live gemixed door onze DJ’s.
Dus pak je mooie uitgaanskleren en kom dansen in het Grand Café Reeshof in Tilburg!

Entree 10 Euro inclusief 1x consumptie*
Aanvang 21:00 uur tot 01:00 uur

*bier, wijn , fris


Club 1987 mix

Dance music videos in the mix by DJ Arthrosis mixed for Club 1987 Dance Events.
With big names like Madonna, Michael Jackson and George Michael and hits from SaltNpepa, Rick Ashley, Technotronic Snap and many more….

Club 1987 Dance Events

Clip of the week

Alex Party, this well known Eurodance smash was the first chart topping hit for the Italian band in 1994.

Club 1987 Dance Events

Clip of the week

Memories are activated with this one. Sheila E. was a beast on the drums.

Club 1987 Dance Events

Clip of the week

Feel the vibe and reactivate your memory with some music videos from the 80s and 90s in the mix by DJ Arthrosis.

Every week a fresh one… announcement via Instagram @club1987danceevents

DJ Arthrosis loves to build a party

This mixing DJ has been behind the turntables since 1986 and competed in mixing contests.
He retired as a DJ in 1998 but fell in love again with digital mixing in 2018.
He loves adding new technology to his mixing skills like Serato STEMS in 2022 and video mixing in 2023.

His motto: Keep on rocking!


” Exclusive Dance Party “

Friday the 5th of April 2024 at Grandcafé Reeshof Tilburg

Club 1987 Dance Events

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 6 1222 3357


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