12 – 02 – 2022

 The Art of Djing

Pure passion for vinyl beats

They are back in the groove, put a needle on the record and they will rock your world!
Line up from 14:00 to 18:00 hours:

DJ Setiono
DJ Djaw
DJ Coldcrush
DJ Funkysparrow

Live streaming from the JayEazy Studios on Twitch and join the party in Club1987.

Doors open at 13:45 hour CET

Room 1 – CLUB1987Twitch Chat

Laptop or PC running on Windows or MacOS with a Chrome or Edge browser, a webcam and a mic.
Check your device via this link: Check my device


” the KICKOFF “

Friday the 25th of February 2022 at CLUB1987
Doors open at 20:45 Hour CET

Room 1 DJ Sueside

DJ, turntable scientist, teacher, party rocker, veteran, record collecta, tune selacta, video DJ, Video Vandalz…. DJ Sueside is  a genuine grandmaster of Hip Hop. This former tour DJ of Wu-Tan Clan will surprise you with his broad collection of music videos and mixing skills.

Enter Room 1 – CLUB1987Biography DJ SuesideTwitch Chat

Room 2 DJ EZD

DJ EZD is a very experienced DJ and teacher that can be found on varies events from skate parks, clubs to big festivals. From smooth R&B to old skool Hip Hop he will keep your head moving all the time.

Enter Room 2 – CLUB1987Biography DJ EZDTwitch Chat

Room 3 DJ Arthrosis

DJ Arthrosis likes hip hop and house music but loves to mix with funky house music to create long blends and remixes with classic songs and new beats.

Every week he produces a fresh mix with new songs, new remixes and other stuff to get your feet moving.

Enter Room 3 – CLUB1987Biography DJ ArthrosisTwitch Chat

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