Virtual Reality Disco Club

Enjoy the best
vj’s combined with walking and talking in the club

Club 1987 Dance events has the best VJs for a great party.

Allvery skilled professionals with alotof experience playing on all kind of stages.


About CLUB1987

Shared interests in music taste
The name CLUB1987 refers to a year where several new music genres arrived or just had been founded like hip hop, swingbeat, house, hip house and R&B.
The genres we program is not limited to just one.

But it is all dance music with a strong feeling.
You can share this feeling by dancing together with others or talk with people who also love the music.

With CLUB1987 we want to create a free space where you can be yourself.
Just real people who share same interests and respect other people and want to be connected.

Let’s connect, I hope to meet you soon…

Frank Spronk aka DJ Arthrosis

Upcoming events

Friday 17th December 2021

The KICKOFF with 3 DJ’s in 3 seperate rooms. DJ Sueside, DJ EZD en DJ Arthrosis will be playing.

Program the KICKOFF

Saturday 18th Dec 2021

Vinylized, the Art of DJ-ing with 5 DJs.
DNS – IRIE – SETIONO – COLDCRUSH – J-DAW. From 14 to 18:00 hours CET.

Enter Room 1 – CLUB1987

Friday 24th December 2021

No silent night Xmas party.
3 DJ’s in 3 rooms.
Line up under contruction…

Under construction

Friday 31st of December 2021

Goodbye 2021
Afternoon mix with the top House tracks of 2021 by DJ Arthrosis

Under contruction