Virtual Reality Disco Club

Enjoy the best
dj’s combined with walking and talking in the club

Put some nice clothes on and start your camera to join us in the VR club. Ask your friends to join you and chat with them while listening to your favorite music. Chat real time with the DJ via Twitch.


About CLUB1987

Connect in Virtual Reality
To meet with other people is not as common any more these days.
Not only are people extremely busy and splitting their focus on all kind of things.
Also our governments restrict our movements and the ways how we can meet.

Shared interests in music taste
The name CLUB1987 also connects to a year where several new music genres arrived or just had been founded like hip hop, swingbeat, house, hip house and R&B.
The genres we program are not only old skool from that era but also the music that is produced later until today.

But it is all dance music with a strong feeling.
You can share this feeling by dancing together with others or talk with people who also love the music

With CLUB1987 we want to create a free space where you can be yourself. That is why you need to be on camera, no hiding behind avatars or other disguises.
Just real people who share same interests and respect other people and want to be connected.

That is why we don’t need you to register, we don’t want to sell you ads or collect your data. This is not a metaverse but a part of the universe, where we all belong and are a part of.

Let’s connect, I hope to meet you soon…

Frank Spronk aka DJ Arthrosis

Upcoming events

Friday 17th December 2021

The KICKOFF with 3 DJ’s in 3 seperate rooms. DJ Sueside, DJ EZD en DJ Arthrosis will be playing.

Program the KICKOFF

Saturday 18th Dec 2021

Vinylized, the Art of DJ-ing with 5 DJs.
DNS – IRIE – SETIONO – COLDCRUSH – J-DAW. From 14 to 18:00 hours CET.

Enter Room 1 – CLUB1987

Friday 24th December 2021

No silent night Xmas party.
3 DJ’s in 3 rooms.
Line up under contruction…

Under construction

Friday 31st of December 2021

Goodbye 2021
Afternoon mix with the top House tracks of 2021 by DJ Arthrosis

Under contruction

Welcome to CLUB1987

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