“You Hear What We’re Sayin’!”

DJ EZD entered the Hip-hop business through his love for music, has lived in Breda since ’97 and has built up a steady base there in the field of organization, DJ and promotion.

Started with small-scale parties in the city center of Breda to collaborations with Breda Barst, the free pop festival of Breda, Poppodium MEZZ and the Boogiedown Breda festival.

Besides organizing, DJ EZD is of course also ‘normal’ deejay, together with DJ DNS he is the driving force behind Shit is Bangin’, a concept where Bangin’ music comes first.
Shit is Bangin’ is more than just a party. It is a feeling, a state of mind that the DJs convey to the audience. Shit is Bangin’ doesn’t get bogged down in one style, but simply hopping from Blockrockin’ soul to kinky reggae and then back to dirty Hip-hop via pumping funk.

Welcome to CLUB1987

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